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Breast reduction scar timeline

Request a Consultation. Submit a consultation request and one of our patient care coordinators will get back to you soon. about making an appointment that fits best with your schedule and surgical timeline. First Name (required) Last Name (required) Email Address (required) Phone Number (required) Service Interest. Surgery Timeline.

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Scar placement is second nature to a surgeon who deals with breast lifts on a regular basis. Scar massage for breast lifts Massaging the scar starting a few weeks after surgery can improve healing. Scar massage pressure should be gentle. The massage should not pull or tug at the skin. Aggressive scar massage can make things worse.

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The primary methods to treat scars with injections include. steroids. 5FU. hyaluronidase. filler. Injections can help flatten, thin, and fade scars to improve the appearance, soften scars to reduce tethering or restriction of adjacent tissue, fill depressed scars, and decrease symptoms of itching, irritation, discomfort, and redness of scars.

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The recovery of breast reduction scars may also still be in the early stages. Scar tissue can appear noticeably red and lumpy for up to several months into breast reduction recovery. While these scars will never disappear after fully recovering from breast reduction surgery, they should fade to white or silvery lines that are barely apparent.

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May 25, 2018 · Bra fitment is probably the single biggest factor that you can control. It is common for a patient to present after a breast surgery with an incorrectly sized bra. Prior to surgical breast lift, the typical patient is wearing a bra that is too tight/small seeking to achieve the “lifted” post operative result..

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